Corporate artisans

Launched in December 2011 the association UPCB unites 15 small woodworking businesses in the promotion and valorisation of their technical know-how applied to multiple and contemporary uses of chestnutwood.

A range of practices

Different artisans with a common denominator : the use of chestnutwood

Cabinet-makers, woodworkers, carpenters, sculptors, feuillardiers, sawyers :  a whole range of trades represented in our group intent on promoting the qualities of locally transformed chestnutwood.

Feuillardier heritage

Whatever their trade our members are proud of the historical roots of chestnut woodworking in our country regions.

By uniting we strive to consolidate and to develope our modern uses of chestnutwood whilst doing all within our means to assure the survival of ancestral techniques and applications.

Traditional know-how, technology and contemporary usages

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Tel. +33 5 55 50 30 59

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If you can't get an immediate contact through our phones, please think of describing your désiderata by email and we'll get back to you very quickly.  (In case of urgency, you'll find the individual artisan members' coordinates on their respective pages.)  At your service.

Modern machines and contemporary product demands have marginalized ancient practices but the matter employed to-day is still that of yesteryear with all its' remarkable qualities of strength and beauty.

Times have changed but centuries-old traditions are still alive in the attitudes and the expressions of our members designing chestnutwood now for to-day and for to-morrow.


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